In Martinez Cardona Lawyers we have a department for Immigration laws with more than 30 years of experience in the countless procedures regarding this area. Many have relied in us for their residence permit, family regrouping, citizenship applications or defence of the immigrant’s rights.

How to get the Spanish citizenship:

In Martinez Cardona Lawyers, we are experts in Immigration Laws, with a long career in helping our clients.

If you need to get the Spanish citizenship, from our law firm we can assist you with qualified staff and all the information, to help you during the procedure. We will advice and keep you updated about every formality and procedure, and we will supply you the materials, syllabus, doubts…

We provide you with:

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Residence Licence Petition

Residence and employment licence petition through social settlement. Available for those who have been registered and living in Spain for three or more years, and in possesion of a preliminary contract.

Family Regrouping Procedure

Through this proceedure, immigrants  with legal residence in Spain can bring with them their relatives- spouse, under age children and ancestors-, given that some economic and housing requirements are accomplished.

Recourse against Renewal Denials

We transact your recourses againts residence and work permits’ renewal denials. They can be due to criminal records, or not working for the minimum time necessary for getting the renewal.

Recovery of Long-term Residence Card

We help you get back your long-term residence card, in the case the titular of the card has been out of Spain for 12 or more consecutive months, and, consequently, the Foreign Office has extinguished the validity of the card.

Allegations and recourses against the initiation of expulsion proceedings

For those immigrants in an irregular situation, and against whom the National Police start disciplinary proceedings, which can result in the expulsion of the immigrant for reasons of irregular residence.

Application for residence permit for UE citizens’ family members

Residence applications requested by children, spouses, or ascendants of Spanish or other European natives. This procedure is governed by the Communitary Regimen, making it easier to get the legal residence in Spain.

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Martinez Cardona Lawyers offers you our legal services’ catalogue, for both families and companies. Do not hesitate in contacting us, tell us your situation and we will try to help you with clarity and professionalism.

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